Vosbein's  is also actively involved in educating drummers about cymbal selection, care, and technique, sharing his knowledge and experience through workshops, clinics, and online platforms.

Looking to bring quality cymbal sounds to software instruments, Vosbein produced “Virtually Erskine” for FXpansion, a company known for developing high-quality virtual instruments and audio effects. The VST software specifically focuses on emulating the drumming style and sound of renowned drummer, Peter Erskine. It includes meticulously sampled drum kits, recorded in high-end studios with top-of-the-line equipment. Vosbein was awarded a coveted “Drummie” in the 2012 “Drum Magazine" readers poll for Sound Library of the Year. 

Since 2016, his role as the founder and host of the video podcast, “Drummer Nation“ confirms a passion for communication and sharing knowledge within the music community. With over 300 shows to date, topics range from drumming trends and techniques, to interviews with world-class musicians and key industry insiders. Vosbein has also written for “Modern Drummer,” “Classic Drummer,” and “Electronic Drummer” magazines. 

Vosbein’s playing, teaching, marketing and communication abilities, along with  a keen entrepreneurial spirit, continue to fuel his ambition to make a lasting impact in the music world.

​Honors: Served on the board of advisors for the Canton Theater, Canton, GA, the Junior Jazz Foundation, Hilton Head Island, SC,


​​​​​Michael Vosbein

I have been playing and teaching drums for more than fifty years. I ran  a cymbal company for eleven years.  Now, In addition to drumming, I am a music industry marketing consultant, educator and media host. I consider myself very fortunate to be doing what I love to do.

Michael Vosbein is a versatile figure in the music industry, known for his proficiency as a drummer, educator, entrepreneur, and media host.

As a drummer, Vosbein brings a versatile style and skill set to his performances. His five decade freelance career in Los Angeles and Atlanta has been filled with a wide variety of musical projects, including leading his own bands.  He has also distinguished himself as an educator, serving as an artist in residence at St Francis Xavier University’s renowned jazz studies program. His method book, “Contemporary Linear Drumming” is published by Hudson Music. 

Vosbein has made significant contributions to the cymbal industry, particularly through his collaboration with the renowned cymbal manufacturer, Bosphorus Cymbals, before creating a new brand, Crescent Cymbals. As an experienced drummer himself, Vosbein understands the nuances of cymbal performance and the importance of sound quality, durability, and versatility. Vosbein is known for his expertise in cymbal design and his commitment to producing quality instruments tailored to the needs of drummers across various musical styles.  

Vosbein has gained world-wide recognition and acclaim for providing drummers with trend-setting handmade cymbals that inspire creativity and musical expression. He worked closely with artists Jeff Hamilton, Stanton Moore, Jamey Haddad, Ralph Peterson and Rikki Rockett to bring their unique sounds to signature cymbal series.